This is my PhD dissertation, which was defended on the 13th of November 2000. The most important parts of this thesis are similar to articles I have written. I am happy to send you a copy of the thesis,

 Venema, Victor. Cloud measurements with radar. PhD dissertation Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands. ISBN: 90-804551-9-9, 13 November, 2000.

Complete thesis
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Title and contents
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Chapter 1. Introduction
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Chapter 2. CLARA and the instrumentation
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Chapter 3. The atmosphere: phenomena, measurements and retrievals
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Chapter 4. Clipping radar velocity spectra to enhance the sensitivity to cloud measurements
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Chapter 5. Coherent scattering of microwaves by particles: Evidence from clouds and smoke
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Chapter 6. The contribution of coherent particle scattering to the reflections of radio waves by clouds
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Chapter 7. Cloud boundary height measurements using lidar and radar
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Chapter 8. Measurements of the melting layer using lidar and radar: the lidar dark band
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Chapter 9. Conclusions and recommendations
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Summary and List of Symbols
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