Essays on science

Here you can find short essays. These texts are here as I hope they are interesting, but they do not have the precision of a scientific article. In the section on scientific themes, I present my original research work.

The essay contain more general thoughts on (meteorological) topics, ideas for furture research, my positions on the organisation of science and philosophical views.

Scientific ideas

Advection of the disturbance fields in stochastic parameterisations
By advection the disturbances in a stochastic parameterisation scheme, one may be able to get sufficient spread in the atmospheric model ensemble, while keeping the amplitudes and correlations of the disturbances within physical margins.
Online generation of temporal and spatial fractal red noise
An algorithm to generate a spatially and temporally correlated field keeping only two time steps in memory.
On cloud structure
Clouds are not spheres or cubes in the sky, but are better described as fractals. However, part of the structure is also non-fractal.
An idea to combat bloat in genetic programming
A text for scientist working on genetic programming (GP), with an idea that may solve the problem of bloat and thus allow the use of GP for more complex problems.

The scientific community and philosophy

Science thrives in the open
Not really an essay, just a statement and a sign to promote more openness at the EGU general assembly.
Against peer review
Some arguments against anonymous peer review of scientific articles and suggestions for improvements.
On the philosophy of language
Our language does not seriously limit our perception of ourselves and our world; it is highly flexible and allows for creative use.
The library network - from book archiving to knowledge facilitator
The title already says most, by seeing a university library as a network of book readers and facilitating their interaction, scientists could innovate much better.
Honorary authorship of scientific articles
If every author would be fully accountable for the entire text of a scientific article, the organisers/managers of science would become jobless and the instrumentalists would no longer would give out their data. I propose to make partial or honorary authorship explicit instead.
Last update: 31 March 2006