Below you will find the various scientific themes I am working on with links to the relevant articles. See also the chronological list of my articles.

Current topics

Adaptive (radiative transfer) parameterisations
Adaptive parameterisation schemes enable more physical parameterisations by splitting the computation in a more physical calculation and an adaptive (statistical) generalisation.
Surrogate clouds
Surrogate cloud fields have certain (statistical) properties of real cloud fields. These can be measured properties or theoretical ones.
Homogenisation of climate records
For the COST Action HOME, I am generating a surrogate dataset with station data with known inhomogeneities, which my colleagues then have to homogenise to test their algorithms.
Cloud structure
How to describe the (measurements of the) structure of cloud fields.

Previous work

Radar scattering due to cloud structures
Bragg scatter due to cloud water structures (similar to humidity structures) may be able to dominate normal incoherent radar backscatter due to randomly distributed water droplets.
Lidar dark band
In the melting layer of precipitation a lidar often measures a dark band at about the same height as the radar bright band.
Cloud top and base measurements
Measuring cloud top and base height using lidar and radar.
Atmospheric measurements
A collection of beautiful remote sensing measurements.
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